Saturday, August 12, 2006

it's been 1 month , for this war "the israelien war" over Lebanon,
war of destruction of a country that was planing to get out of it's last war
a civilian war that happened before & before that also an occupation of Israel
over Lebanon , as we can see our country Lebanon isn't meant to be built , unless
all the threats are removed , & it's first threat is his ppl , we the lebanese make a hell of a threat
to our beloved country , we love it so much that we can't see it built,
now , the war is ended , but till when no one knows , but can we help that no other war happens ,
Let's try our best to do so, let us love our country right
in the few comming days i'll be in southern dahiyah , where almost all the bombing happened , i'll try my best to add all the pictures that i can find there , i'm sure i'll find what no one wishes for his home sweet home , but this is what the Israelien want ,
Take care everyone

Friday, July 21, 2006

Life for everyone,
GOD created earth, created every single life on this earth
so they can live together, side by side
but when we wanted to take over everything
life began to collapse,
then we arrived to a place , where we can not see each other live a good life
when will all of this stop , when will this end , are we ready to put an ending
to this insanity , who can share with this ""remind who we are"",
what is the right way to stop them , before everything is GONE??????!!!
In this subject that i am publishing , i feel that people should help each other
in all possible ways but in the first place , why doesn't the G8 countries or the Nato,
or even the UN doesn't stop the war that is going in my country Lebanon,
isn't there enough killing till now, are they planing so that the number of innocent ppl
wo got killed gets to a number that is above the thousand , i'm still complaining ,
but is the same time asking questions that i fifn't find an answer to it only in America
where they can Help our ppl our country to stop everything ,
but why isn't America doing anything , without forgetting that we have a good relations
with the American gov.??? is Israel more important to them ???
What should we do so the whole wide world tell say just one word to Israel
STOP THE WAR , let's live in peace, & to everyone , plz check this link ::
This link may help convey the message to residents in America and Europe! Take 5 mins of ur life to see the cruel reality happening in this world and be thankful for what u have!